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Dogs Dont Have Uncles    Tom Hannah

Dogs Dont Have Uncles
Zeigon is a reflection of two musical personalities in all their varied aspects. Both are accomplished Jazz players. Les has a particular affinity for Cuban salsa and modern techno/trip-hop beats. Tom's influences are Brazilian, funk, film composers such as Bernard Herrmann and contemporary improvisation.

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Zeigon are: Tom Hannah (guitar) & Les Cirkel (percussion)

Produced and engineered by Christopher Read

All music by Tom Hannah & Les Cirkel

  1. Camel Ride To The Tomb
  2. The Bystanders (We Don't Want Any Trouble)
  3. The Unfulfilled Intention
  4. Roses & Rewards (mono mp3 sample 504 k)
  5. Griselda's Appalling Blunder
  6. Spectres of the Mind
  7. A Place Vacated
  8. Dance of the Traffic Wardens

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