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Sitting on the windowsill of Heaven

Sitting on the windowsill of Heaven
Bristol Cancer Help Centre research study shows significant decrease in tension in listeners to Sulis music, plus increased sense of well being. Also significantly increased levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (an indicator of immune status) and a decrease in cortisol (stress hormone) levels.

MP3 sample from track 9 "O Jesu Mea Vita"

  1. Peace Song
  2. De Spineto Nata Rosa
  3. Blessing
  4. Dunblane Sancta Maria
  5. Vives In Corde Meo
  6. My Love Gave Me An Apple
  7. Lullaby
  8. Dance
  9. O Jesu Mea Vita (mp3 sample)
  10. Red Sky Lullaby
  11. Laudate Pueri
  12. Ground
  13. Ave Regina Coelorum
  14. Ave Maris Stella
  15. A Celuy Que Pluys Aime
  16. Gabriel

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Chameleon Celia Harper

Robin Blaze - (countertenor) Michael Chance - (countertenor) Jacqueline Evill - (soprano) Elizabeth Wilcock - (violin and Tibetan singing bowl) Celia Harper - (early harp)

MP3 sample from track 1 "Meditation"

  1. Meditation (mp3 sample)
  2. Verbum Caro
  3. Ave Maris Stella
  4. Song for Liz
  5. Hymn to the Virgin
  6. Audi Coelum
  7. Plaint
  8. Maria Stella Maris
  9. Lullaby
  10. O Maria Virgo Pia
  11. Sancta Maria

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SULIS (formerly known as Chameleon). was formed in 1996 by a group of distinguished classical musicians who believe in the healing power of music. The founder members – Michael Chance, Robin Blaze, Jackie Evill, Liz Wilcock and composer Celia Harper began by performing Celia’s meditative music to patients in hospices and day care centres. Recently Sulis has been progressively involved in giving fundraising concerts for various charities, including Macmillan Cancer Relief, Mildmay Mission and the Tibetan Peace Garden together with various hospices. Their first CD "Chameleon" has been sold in aid of charity, benefiting Arthur Rank Hospice, Jessie’s Fund, Charing Cross Breast Cancer Appeal, Macmillan and many others.

SULIS has worked in close collaboration with music therapist Dr Leslie Bunt at Bristol Cancer Help Centre.
A pilot study conducted at the Centre researching the therapeutic effects of music on patients has been published in "Alternative Therapies" (USA, January 2001). This research project measured the effects of the performance of Celia’s music, both on CD and in live performance by Sulis. The results show that listeners experienced an increased sense of well-being and relaxation and a significant drop in tension. A physiological test also showed significantly increased levels of salivary immunoglobulin A (which is an indicator of immune status) and decreased levels of cortisol (a stress indicator), marking relaxation and improved mood.

Blending the traditional sounds of voice, violin and early harp with bells and the ethereal sound of Tibetan singing bowls, Celia creates an unique sound world full of haunting melodies.

What people say about Sulis

"The power of the music uplifted the spirit"
"I felt totally at peace"
"Music to feed the soul and fortify the body"
"The power of the music to disarm and enter people, to lift up their spirits and make them whole is amazing" catalogue