Nois Monica Vasconcelos

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Elephant's first CD: cdvine's own label is now available for purchase (£10 + p & p).
It's an EP and can be purchased via the cdvine website.
If you wish to hear samples visit and click on audio


The Eastcote Sessions

  1. Elephant In Paradise: Paul Nieman: 9.04
  2. Downstairs at Lorenzo's: Steve Lodder: 6.53
  3. First Kiss: Josefina Cupido: 5.56
  4. Bass Line Number One: John Warren: 4.15
  5. Which is True: Robin Clayton: 7.28


Elephant III
Paul Nieman : trombone
Mornington Lockett : tenor / soprano saxophones
Steve Lodder : keyboards (including harmonium)
Marc Parnell : drums
Robin Clayton : bass
Josefina Cupido : vocals & percussion catalogue